ATTENTION: Men and women over 35 who want to look and feel 10 years younger in only 60 days

Breakthrough Weight Loss Discovery:

Psychologist activates mechanism in human brain that melts away stubborn fat like ice in the sun.

and transforms it into happiness hormones

  • FACT: You can completely reshape your body without effort and look 10 years younger in less than 60 days. This does not require any “magic pill”, sit-ups or crunches.
  • FACT: Most people think you only lose weight if you eat less and move more but this is not the key to weight loss. You can use the power of your brain to lose tons of weight without gaining it all back or even going to the gym.
  • FACT: You’ve been lied to if you think it takes hours of exercise every day and avoiding delicious foods to lose weight.
  • FACT: You CAN activate the fat burning mechanism in your brain with what you read here. This method is exclusive to this website and eBook. I want to share this life-changing secret with you. This information is for anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great. Keep on reading to discover the best approach to your ideal body.

An important part of your brain has been intentionally manipulated and this PREVENTS YOU from having your ideal body!

Did you know?
Are you desperate to lose weight? Have you tried everything but it’s never worked long-term? Do you torture yourself endlessly only to achieve minimal results? Do you believe that you just weren’t meant to be thin? Do you feel hopeless and you just want to give up?
You are not alone.
So many people dedicate long hours at the gym and waste money on pointless and expensive fitness classes. They work their butts off and sweat up a storm yet their weight just won’t budge!
Statistics reveal only 0.5 to 1% of people who go to the gym accomplish radical transformations. However, this small percentage of people take up to 1 YEAR to see drastic results. We offer you a major body transformation in only 60 days.
Good people like you and I have been deceived by the weight loss industry. The media and personal trainers have been lying to you. Through their lies, they have been successful at deactivating the part of your brain that is responsible for automatic fat burning. When you reactivate this part of your brain, you will lose weight effortlessly.

Countless Hours in the Gym, Makes You FAT and Never SLIM

In the 50s and 60s people NEVER had to deal with all this modern junk. Trust me, back then there were almost no obese or overweight people. And if somebody was fat, they never stayed fat for long.

Much has changed since then. These days’ people like you and I are manipulated by the advertising industry through TV, magazines and radio. The result is an obesity epidemic. We end up spending countless amounts of money on overpriced diet products and get caught up in vicious starve-binge-exercise cycles.

Did you know...?
How has this been achieved? Subliminal messages have purposely been transmitted through TV and radio to shut down particular parts of your brain. This makes you dissatisfied with your life, and your underlying frustration and stress makes you fat.

Therefore, you will never be able to lose weight until this part of your brain has been reactivated and functions without disturbances.

How Do We Know This?

I am Ronald Relssek, chief editor and psychology expert. 10 or more years ago while studying psychology I stumbled onto this deactivated part of the modern man’s brain. This specific part was highly active inside the brains of our ancestors. I have experimented on myself and my best friend Rolf. Thereafter, I conducted studies at the university where participants experienced radical body transformations in less than 60 days. These results were achieved without going to the gym and torturing ourselves with weight training or cardio.

Listen. This is not a fad magic pill or a ridiculous training method. It is about using your brain to its full potential. Your body will use up much more energy from the food you eat instead of accumulating unwanted body fat that makes you tired and inactive. Let your body return to an ideal state where fat reserves are naturally and effortlessly transformed into energy every day. Warning: if you love to over-exercise and stay fat, you may not wish to proceed.

The Answer: Reactivate the Natural Fat Burning Mechanism in Your Brain

the reason...
85% of people today are obese and the majority of children are also suffering. But I want you to know it’s not your fault! And I have created a solution that I want to share with you.
I have devised a 60 day program that works for all men and women. ESPECIALLY those who have made several unsuccessful attempts at losing weight.

This patented program is called the Automatic Dream Body Formula or “How to Re-Activate the Fat-Burning Mechanism in Your Brain”. The Automatic Dream Body Formula uses a very specific approach to revive unused parts of your brain. This program is for everybody and has already worked for thousands of men and women.

This Method Simply works…
Because Unlike „Normal“ Weight Loss Programs
It Doesn’t Let You
Fight A Losing Battle

The Automatic Dream Body Formula WORKS… And I have tested every weight loss program on the market and they do not even come close to the Automatic Dream Body Formula. It is a program born out of logical conclusions and studies of the human brain. We compared brain activity of our ancestors and today’s average person and came to powerful conclusions.

Our program works FAST and reliably. It works EVERY TIME. You only have to commit. There is no need for magic pills or ineffective exercises. Why? Because none of that trash works. You only need the fat burning mechanism in your brain to be reactivated for effortless weight loss.

Our program promises to be: Safe, Simple and Easy to incorporate into anyone’s life.

Remember, I am not a hypnotist nor a magician. I simply know how the human brain works. When designing the Automatic Dream Body Formula I thought about people like you and me and our daily routines. I specifically tailored it to help you reverse your weight gain while still enjoying your life.

You must know that:

This Technique for Reactivating Your Natural Fat Burning Mechanism Cannot be Found Anywhere Else.

You could waste your time with a myriad of approaches to weight loss, but you’re doomed to fail. If the fat-burning mechanism has not been activated then your weight loss will be short-lived and extremely difficult to maintain.

In addition to the system for reactivation, I have also put together a short and sweet, easy-to-read book. My book is straight to the point and excludes anything unnecessary. An audio version exists for those who don’t have time to read. Learn of the technique for natural fat loss conveniently, no matter where you are.

It’s up to you. Choose to get your own personal copy of the Automatic Dream Body Formula. Imagine all the weight you will lose effortlessly. No more worthless fitness programs and magic pills that lead to failure. No more false claims to buy into. It’s time to take control of your life and your body. It’s time to lose weight for good.

Monika - before & after...
Monica’s Before and After Photos.
Ladies, the Automatic Dream Body Formula works for YOU!
In the last 10 years I’ve heard many things such as: “I can’t lose weight, I have a bad metabolism…and heavy bones…” That is nonsense!
A simple system such as the Automatic Dream Body Formula works for everyone at every age and every lifestyle! You can get in shape with your husband, wife, or your friends without fear that you’ll be restricted and deprived or that you must participate in excruciating exercises. The approach is the same for all men and women.
Look at these two samples from satisfied clients who have worked with the Automatic Dream Body Formula.

Hans - before & after
The Automatic Dream Body Formula has produced these varying effects. But how? Why does the man look so muscular and the woman so fabulously thin?
Because this program leads everyone to their own dream body, regardless of how it looks. The program is designed to allow your unique body to reach its greatest potential!

Tanya - before & after...

I have health problems...
You will be in complete control of your results!

I know this sounds incredibly simple… and it really is. As soon as your fat burning mechanism has been reactivated in your brain, the rest happens effortlessly in a very healthy way that gives you lots of energy.

Even if nothing else has worked for you so far! It is not your fault.

You were manipulated, you simply had no chance. No surprise that the people in Europe and America get fatter and sicker year after year. Many even fall over dead with a heart attack at a shockingly young age or suffer from other diseases.

My motto is: Small changes, BIG results!

Everything that you need to know is included in this easy-to-use manual:

Automatic Dream Body Formula
Let’s summarize what we have learnt so far:
  • The fastest way to your ideal body is NOT to torture yourself at the gym and NOT to starve yourself
  • The problem lies in the fact that the part responsible for natural fat burning and energy transformation in your brain has purposely been deactivated and manipulated by the advertising industry. You will never lose weight without reactivating that part!
  • The solution lies in a simple program that reactivates that part of your brain that is responsible for the automatic fat burning, and this only takes a few minutes each day.
  • The results works for men and women alike. Now YOU can have the “eBook” that outlines this program.

Overseen and Improved by Fitness Experts for Accelerated Results.

I’ve worked with countless fitness experts to prove the effectiveness of this program and further improve the potency of brain reactivation. Having combined expert advice and strategies into the Automatic Dream Body Formula, it truly is the most remarkable weight loss program of all time.

There is only one way to lose weight and build the body of your dreams without feeling deprived!

Reactivate the Fat Burning Mechanism in Your Brain and Let the Rest Happen Naturally.

(This program has proven itself over and over again).

The process is really, really SIMPLE…but:

Do NOT try this without
a professional guide!

I have already seen many people try it on their own without using the Automatic Dream Body Formular.

I have been disappointed so many times...
The results were NOT good. Unfortunately rather shocking!
Many people see how easy this program is and just assume that they can apply it themselves, without instructions or particularities of the program.
Sadly, they typically end up gaining 5-10kg!

Would you start cutting your own hair after watching a hairdresser at work? Of course not. And this here is just the same, it doesn’t work this way.
You have to use the full system in the right order, otherwise it won’t work. It is like a recipe. Not just the ingredients, but also the instructions and timing is imperative for success!

Important WARNING:
Definitely Not For Everyone!

There are a few people who should not buy a copy of the Automatic Dream Body Formula. I wish everybody could, but I just don’t want some people to waste their time.
  • You understand this weight loss program requires personal commitment. You won’t lose weight by reading, you have to do the thought exercises and answer the questions. I made it as simple as possible and it takes very little time.
  • You can change your way of thinking. The program contains a few simple and basic thought changes that you need to reactivate your fat burning mechanism to see fast results. They are absolutely essential.
  • You are willing to do the exercises in the program to re-activate your brain. I recommend you to do the program in the privacy of your own home. Yet you can also do it under way.
  • You’ve stopped making excuses for yourself. People who don’t make excuses are the people who succeed and make a difference in their lives.
  • … you think: “This will never work for me.” Stop crying. Your excuses are just preventing you from starting now: It works for everyone that trusts the program and lets it works its magic – without exception!
  • … Or you belong to the people that buy programs again and again and then put them on the shelf and never use them. Please do not waste your money and my time, if this is the case. Should this however be the case, then this is a clear sign that you are strongly influenced by the manipulation of your brain and URGENTLY need the Automatic Dream Body Formula. Otherwise the chances are really high that you might even get sick…if you don’t do something and start it today.

Stay Sharp:
Don’t be fooled by your thoughts!

In case you think that none of this can work and sounds too good to be true, then you can witness the definite proof that large parts of your brain have indeed been deactivated by the advertising industry. This way of thinking is going to cost you tremendous amounts of money over the years and limit your ability to thrive. If you don’t buy the Automatic Dream Body Formula to lose weight, then at least get it to rid yourself of media manipulation and finally use your brain to its fullest potential!

Why Only 47 EUR?

I want to spread the word of this program like wild fire so it reaches as many people as possible. I hope that they too will unlock the full capacity of their brain and achieve their dream bodies. I am offering it exclusively today for direct purchase on this website for the low price of only 47 €.

I try my very best to keep up with customer service mails. I receive many positive, thank you emails and I reply to all of them. So please feel free to email me about your experience and results.

Moreover this is not a sponsored book with a million dollar advertising budget. This is just a simple and extensive digital book that gives you all the ANSWERS you’ve been looking for in the shortest time possible!

It took me years of hard work to offer you this complete program. I didn’t “invent” or “make up” anything. This program simply delivers facts and proven strategies. I summarized everything for you and put it into an easy-to-follow format.

Therefore, I think that 47 € is a VERY fair price.


Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident the Automatic Dream Body Formula is the BEST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM you will ever buy that I follow my words with actions and offer you this Money-Back-Guarantee:

Guarantee No. 1: Use my system for 60 days. If you’re not absolutely thrilled or don’t reach your ideal body, then I refund you 100% of your money back.

Guarantee No. 2: If you don’t like the SERVICE and RISK FREE, EFFORTLESS purchase, I promise you’ll receive 100% of your money back!

Order Today and Receive Bonus-Gifts!

I am absolutely convinced that this is the BEST weight loss program that has ever been developed. But that’s not all! You should be excited and feel compelled to tell all of your friends and relatives about it. That’s why I’m throwing in these bonuses!

15 min workout plan
So many users have asked for it so you will receive an additional 15-minute-workout-training-plan with easy and effective exercises to achieve turbo-results.

This plan was developed by sports professor Dr. Rudolf Schubert who is excited by the product and provides this plan exclusively for you. You don’t need it, but it will accelerate your results if you do decide to start working out!

A similar plan by a fitness trainer usually costs at least 79 €, but here you get it for free.

But only if you act today!

1 Year E-Mail Coaching

Yes, that’s right, you can ask me any question that you want answered. I am personally available to you, because I know how this is going to transform your life and how you are going to develop into the person you have always wanted to be. You have the potential in you and I will help you to unleash it.
Lifelong Free Updates

You will receive lifelong updates – should anything be newly discovered that delivers even faster and better results or supports you in any way, I’ll inform you of them for free.
Shopping List for Fat-burning Foods

Make shopping fun and easy with my list of healthy and delicious foods.
Fat-burning Sweet Snacks List

Fancy a healthy dessert? I’ve compiled a list of succulent sweet treats that will melt in your mouth and also melt your fat away.

Buy now and also receive some fashion advice!

Dressing Tips for Men and Women

Dressing tips for man
(Look 10 kgs lighter)

Dress yourself slimmer with these terrific tips! You can look up to 10kgs lighter with the right clothing.

Dressing tips for woman
Audio Book

Audio Version
FREE. As the final bonus I will put in the audio version for you completely FREE. So you can use this program even if your life is hectic with work, family and friends.

Not Buying? Here’s a Farewell Gift for You!

I have been 100% honest with you so far and I won’t stop being honest. Your “farewell present” is a dose of reality.

You can keep doing what you’ve always done. Then nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to change in your life. You will continue to be dissatisfied with your body, your self-esteem will continue to suffer and you will continue to live your life like a remote-controlled robot.

Months and years will pass by and you will have missed this unique opportunity. Make use of this proven system and take control of your life. This is the lowest price you will ever be offered. I believe in you and I know you can reach your dreams and full potential with the Automatic Dream Body Formula just like many others before you.

As you know I receive many emails from happy and satisfied clients’ every day.
On average, users report these results in the first 10 days:
  • Reduction of abdominal girth by 6cm
  • Loss of 4kg of pure fat
  • Down 3 clothing sizes
  • Instantly visible results
  • Easy to integrate program into everyday life
  • Fat burning during sleep
  • Eat sweets without feeling guilty
  • No calorie counting!
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Free shipping
After you purchased the Automatic Dream Body Formula we will immediatly create your membership account and send you the access details to your E-Mail address. The Program itself contains pdf and mp3 audio files. The pdf files can be accessed by most common browsers and free pdf reader programs like Acrobat reader. The mp3 audio file can be played on any PC and Smartphone.
Warmest and kindest regards,
Ronald Relssek

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PPS – Free yourself from media manipulation and reactivate important parts of your brain. If you don’t do it to lose weight, do it to be the master of thoughts and stop letting yourself be controlled by the advertising industry. It is about your life, your freedom and your health. Take your chance now! You are fully protected by our 60-day-money-back-guarantee. If you do not receive your dream body in 60 days or feel great about yourself, you receive you’re a full refund. Contact details to redeem your money-back-guarantee will shortly after purchase confirmation. I am looking forward to seeing you in the member’s area.